Migration Bible in Brief

The Migration Bible is an English-language Bible that contains the complete Good News Translation supplemented by more than 250 pages of additional content around migration. The additional content is written by migrants and non-migrants from different continents and cultures and guided by an international editorial team of theologians.

22 reading plans

Find your way through the Bible with reading plans on a range of migration-related topics. From migrant churches in the New Testament to new hopes and struggles after the exile, as well as more general reading plans that help readers help discover the Bible.

17 articles

With seventeen articles, this Bible edition to help readers find hope and direction in the Bible and see today’s problems in biblical perspective. On various migration stories from the Bible such as the stories of Ruth, Elijah and Daniel. With themes such as Refugees in Your Backyard, Climate Change and Migration and Responding to Trauma, extremely current themes are discussed.

15 contemporary portraits

Meet migrants and people who meet migrants from different parts of the world. People like Chrishanthy, who left the war-torn Sri Lanka fled for the United Kingdom. Her honest story of trauma and faith is an encouragement to us all. Or meet Lori, whose her work as a child care worker in the Netherlands is supporting the education of cousins in the Philippines and whose faithful hard work has resulted in blessing.

3 promises of the Migration Bible

· The Migration Bible provides insight by illuminating migration through the Bible and by sharing hopeful contemporary stories shared from migrants.

· Connects migrants and non-migrants. Every Christian is, in a sense, a migrant. It’s in your DNA.

· Encourages through the stories and encourages understanding and compassion between different groups of people.