What do people say about this Bible?


Fred Kappinga

I am immensely grateful for the Migration Bible. It helps me as a pastor of a cross-cultural church to share the gospel in a deeper way. More than half of the people in ICF Rotterdam-Noord have a migration background. The Migration Bible helps me make the connection between their experiences and how God uses migration in His plan of salvation

Jennifer Retotar 

I appreciate the Bible migration because it is a profound testament to the enduring human journey. It is a treasury of migration stories that reveal the courage and faith of people on the move. Each stories inspires and reflects on the shared human experience of seeking refuge, hope, divine guidance and compassion. 

An-Ting Yi 

The Bible is full of stories related to migrants and activities of migration. From Genesis to Revelation, God himself is always on the move. Through this hermeneutical lens, these particular themes are highlighted in the Migration Bible. This work not only allows us to understand biblical narratives with fresh eyes and new light, but it also builds a beautiful bridge between the ancient world and that of our own. The Migration Bible opens our hearts to welcome strangers and those other from us, and further invites us to become a migrant, literally or metaphorically, to embark upon a unique faith journey. 

Vinaida Sno

When we critically read the Bible, we can see that migration has been present from the very beginning. Adam and Eve had to migrate to an unknown land after the fall of sin. We also see that as the story progresses, people in the Bible continued to migrate. Moses led the Israelites to the promised land of Canaan. Even in the New Testament, we see Mary migrating to another place while pregnant of Jesus. 

Furthermore, the Bible provides guidance on how we should treat migrants, as seen in Exodus 23: “You shall not oppress a stranger, for you know the heart of a stranger, because you were strangers in the land of Egypt.” 

Today, we still see people leaving their countries due to war, hardship, or as knowledge migrants. Often, the disadvantages of immigration are emphasized, but there are also benefits. I appreciate the Bible for shedding light on the act of migration itself and how it has existed alongside the Bible throughout its history. Additionally, it helps people understand that they are not the first or the only ones to go through a particular situation; this provides a great deal of comfort. 

Lastly, migrants can now use the (migration) Bible as a reference point, recognizing themselves in the stories and drawing strength from them. As a pastor with Surinamese roots, it gives me the strength to know that migration has always been a part of human history, and God’s people have endured the greatest migration of all. 

Shumailys Leona 

Hoe fijn is het om een Bijbel te hebben die ons de verhalen verteld over de migranten in de Bijbel zoals wij. Een boek dat we dagelijks kunnen lezen en dat ons de wijsheid, aanwijzingen en nog veel meer kan geven in ons dagelijks leven. Ik ben benieuwd!