From the very first forced migration in Genesis 3 through to the promise of entry into the New Jerusalem, the Bible is a book of, for and by migrants. We are living in an age of mass migration; the number of refugees having doubled in ten years. In the coming decades, migration is expected to increase further. The theme of migration is the focus of political debate and media attention.
For this reason, the Bible Society for the Netherlands and Flanders is working with United Bible Societies and other partners to create a migration-themed Bible. Its purpose is to find what the Bible has to say to migrants and hosts, to encourage, to forge connections and to share the findings of Migration Theology – a relatively new field of study.

Long reads

With seventeen long reads, this Bible edition offers the reader ways of finding hope and purpose in the Bible and assessing today’s issues from a biblical perspective.

Real-life Stories

Meet migrants and people encountering migrants from different parts of the world. People like Chrishanthy, who fled war-torn Sri Lanka for the United Kingdom, whose honest tale of trauma and faith is an encouragement to us all. Meet Lori, whose childcare work in the Netherlands funded the education of nephews and nieces back home in the Philippines, and whose faithful hard work has resulted in blessing. Or José Antonio, who opened up his church in Mexico to host the mass migration through his
home town of Tijuana.

Reading plan

Find your way through the Bible with reading plans about an array of migration-related topics, from Migrant Churches in the New Testament through New Hope and Struggles After the Exile, but also more general reading plans, helping the reader discover the Bible. Reading plans include a general introduction and reflection questions that can be used both individually and in groups, as well as five to ten devotions with specific Bible passages, which are spread throughout the